The Importance of Brand Consistency

Your brand tells your story, what your business is, its culture, its offerings and how it is perceived. The brand is how people connect to, recognize and “feel” your business. When you take care of your brand it takes care of your business. You must commit to building a truly unique brand and all the challenges that come with it. Spend time at the beginning and truly understand what you want to be and how you want to present your company. An important step is brand consistency.

Branding consistency is important for a number of reasons. For starters it provides you with next level marketing without having to spend a penny. When people connect with and care about your brand you don’t have to convince them to do business with you. People want to buy from the brands that they trust and feel comfortable with. Build up the loyalty and you only need to convert a customer once to turn them into a customer for life.

Brand consistency and dependability also makes your brand feel authentic and reliable. When you meet someone new and get to know that person, you begin forming ideas and assumptions about that individual based on how that person interacts. If someone changes his or her image or language on a daily basis it can be difficult to connect with . The same kind of thinking and rules apply to a brand. You need to be consistent with your brand. Inconsistency is a death sentence to brands. You need to treat your customers the same way, provide them with the same experience, and offer the same unique product/service they expect. Maintaining this degree of consistency builds a level of trust with your customers. They see you as being more dependable and innovative and they have no problem continuing to give you their ongoing business. If you send them mixed messages, then they will ignore you and move on to something they know resonates with their personal beliefs and opinions. You can’t connect with something that changes all the time. Consistency is key.

Building dependability and trust with your customers also unlocks brand recognition, one of the most important things for a business to have. Whether you believe it or not purchasing is often an emotional decision. People are willing to spend more on the brands they recognize and trust. This is why people continue to buy name brand products even if generic versions cost less. People go with what they know. Have you ever noticed how you frequently buy the same brand of products? That’s because you know the product, you're confident that you’ll like it, and for that matter, want to be associated with it.

Brand Conversion can be a challenge because people are hesitant to try new things. Those who purchase an iPhone aren’t likely to pick up the new Samsung even if they hear it’s better. The most effective way to convert people from one brand to another is through strong brand consistency. Consistency creates a great image for you and your brand and it increases recognition and loyalty. Don’t broadcast mixed messages and confuse consumers. Show them what you’re all about by maintaining that all important brand consistency. It’s what’s best for business.